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Bit Walk-behind Scrubber Dryer

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Walk-behind Scrubber Dryer Bit

walk behind scrubber in changing roomBit is a compact, highly manoeuvrable walk-behind scrubber dryer suitable for light-duty cleaning tasks. Small, strong and efficient it is ideal for cleaning shops and restaurants, sport centres and workshops.

Easy to Use

This machine is very easy to use. Simple controls and a height adjustable handle make the operator comfortable and confident. Filling and emptying the scrubber dryer's water tanks is straight forward, as is adding any detergent that you want to use. Being battery powered means no trailing mains leads helping make the Bit ideal for cleaning up spillages.

Scrubbing and Drying Floors

Bit applies the cleaning solution to the floor surface from its 13-litre solution tanks and scrubs the floor surface with a single brush head. A full width squeegee collects the dirty water into its 14-litre recovery tank, leaving floor surface clean and dry.

Green Cleaning

An environmentally friendly machine, Bit uses a gel battery that does not give off fumes or leak. If you use plain water to clean your floors then the Bit has a very small environmental footprint. As it collects the dirty water is uses to clean, and this waste water is disposed of correctly its green credentials are even better.

Cleaning Performance

For a small walk-behind scrubber dryer the Bit is very productive. It cleans 1100m2 per hour, easily enough for the average shop, restaurant or workshop. Its generous tanks contribute by not requiring frequent refilling or emptying. Being light, it weighs only 65kgs, means that the operator does not get fatigued. A cleaning width of 385mm enables it to work in confined areas and get through doorways.

Why This Walk-behind Scrubber Dryer?

If you are looking for a small and efficient walk-behind scrubber dryer Bit is a very good option. Easy to use, store and maintain it is a machine that can really make your cleaning easier and more effective. Want proof? Contact us and we will be happy to demonstrate one at your premises.