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RCM Scrubber and Sweeper Technology

scrubber dryer headspacerWe build our sweepers and scrubber dryers from the highest quality components, and incorporate sophisticated technological features that improve cleaning performance and make life easier for operators.

Sweeper Technology:

  • Overthrow sweeping systems (click)

    All RCM sweepers are equipped with overthrow sweeping systems that rotate the main brush against the direction of travel of the sweeper and throw the dirt and debris up and over the brush into a rear mounted hopper. This system is more efficient than a forward throw system because it throws the dirt and debris from high to low, so the hopper can be deep and will be filled to around 80% of its capacity. It has the added advantage that the hopper can be larger and situated at the rear of the machine where it does not compromise visibility or manouvrability.

  • Front driving position and steering (click)

    All RCM ride-on sweepers feature a forward driving position and front directional wheel. This eliminates tail swing and makes the machines easier to control, reducing the chances of collision with goods or objects. It means operators drive flush with walls for efficient cleaning.

  • Smart Traction (click)

    Sweepers fitted with Smart Traction have two counter-rotating brushes positioned behind the main front brush. These help collect dirt and debris, and prevent operators tiring by moving the machine forward. Smart Traction is available with variable speed settings.

  • Dust Buster system (click)

    RCM ride-on sweepers feature the unique Dust Buster system. Vacuums fitted to the side brushes remove fine dust and dirt as the machine moves to leave floor surfaces spotlessly clean.

  • High capacity filters (click)

    All our sweepers have high capacity filters, which remove fine dust from the exhausted air, leaving it clean and safe to breathe. Dust shaker facilities prevent filters clogging.

  • Built-in chargers (click)

    We offer optional on-board battery chargers, which charge battery-driven machines as they move, and extend their range and endurance.

  • High-dump (click)

    Some of our sweepers feature a high-dump facility, which hydraulically raises the refuse hopper. This enables operators to automatically empty it into bins and waste bags.

  • Adjustable side brushes (click)

    Users can fit some of our sweepers with adjustable side brushes, which allow machines to clean different elevations at the same time.

Scrubber dryer Technology:

  • Brush head (click)

    Our scrubbers come with one, two, or three rotary disc brushes mounted in a single brush head. This makes them suitable for cleaning smooth or uneven surfaces. Twin roller brushes are available for scrubbing floors with deep tile joints.

  • Adjustable pressure function (click)

    Some of our machines allow the operator to adjust the pressure of the scrubbing brushes. This allows them to remove even the toughest stains from a variety of floor surfaces.

  • Drying capability (click)

    Rear-mounted squeegees on our scrubbers collect dirty water as the machines move to leave floors dry as well as clean.

  • Separate tanks (click)

    Separate solution and recovery tanks prevent dirty recovered water contaminating the detergent. Strategically positioned to minimise machine dimensions, they are easy to clean and resist corrosion.

  • Comfortable to drive (click)

    We design all our scrubbers with the operator in mind. Ride-on models feature a forward driving position that offers excellent visibility. Comfortable, adjustable seating and ergonomic controls allow operators to work for long periods without sustaining strain injuries.

  • Manoeuvrability (click)

    Our scrubbers are agile, light, and manoeuvrable, enabling swift, efficient cleaning. We supply special compact models ideal for working in tight spaces, such as narrow aisles in warehouses, corridors, and offices.

  • Quality components (click)

    High quality components make all our scrubbers durable and extremely reliable. They minimise the chance of breakdowns, service requirements, and running costs.