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Industrial Sweepers

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We offer a wide range of industrial and warehouse sweepers. The type of machine you want depends upon the area you have to clean and the time you have to do it. Ride-on sweepers are generally capable of cleaning over 6000m2 per hour.

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Choosing Your Sweeper

The size of your warehouse or factory and how often and how quickly you want to clean it will dictate the type and size of the sweeper you need.

If you are unsure, contact us and we will advise you of the best machine for your application, put it on a transporter and show you how it will clean your warehouse!

Tough and Reliable

Industrial cleaning is a tough task. Sweepers have to be strong and reliable. Operators want a machine that is easy to use and manouvre and that does not require emptying every five minutes. Our industrial sweepers fit all these criteria which is why for over 25 years we have led the market.

Our Brava walk-behind sweeper is probably the most popular walk-behind industrial sweeper in the UK.

Any Industry or Application

Our industrial sweepers have a variety of motors which makes them suitable for most applications. Electric motors for industries where fumes cause problems, such as in food production and distribution warehouses. Petrol and diesel motors for general warehouse and industrial use with the added advantage of longer, continuous cleaning between stops. Our sweepers generous hoppers enable you to make the most of these extended ranges.

Dust Control

Clearing dirt and debris in a warehouse or factory creates dust. Simply brushing a factory floor can create a dust cloud. A mechanical sweeper is going to create a significant dust problem unless it is carefully controlled.

All our industrial sweepers have powerful vacuum systems that eliminate the dust created by both the main brush and the side brushes, we are unique in this area. Couple this with our large filters and mechanised shakers and our industrial sweepers will produce the least dust and the best cleaning result. Simple.

Why Choose Our Industrial Sweepers

Our sweepers offer the best performance-price option. Don't believe us? Call us now or contact us using our contact form and we will bring a machine to your warehouse and show you why we are so confident.

ride on sweeper from above
Our Atom ride-on industrial sweeper working in a tight space, showing how easy it is for the operator to manouvre
industrial sweeper cut-away showing the sweepers main components
This cut-away shows the major components of an industrial sweeper: 1. Side Brush 2. Main Brushes 3. Hopper 4. Dust Filters 5. Vacuum Fan 6. Dust Filter Shaker.