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Ride on Sweeper Mille

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Ride on Sweeper - Mille

Mille ride-on sweeperspacerMille is a heavy-duty ride on sweeper suitable for cleaning large indoor or outdoor areas. Petrol, diesel or electric motor options mean it can work in any environment. Mille is a robust, powerful machine, yet highly manoeuvrable. It features a vacuumised sweeping system, which fills the large, rear-mounted hopper to the top to maximise work time between empties.

High Performance Sweeper

The Mille ride on sweeper can be fitted with an additional side brush which takes its cleaning width out to 1700mm. This makes it ideal for sweeping large areas in the 10,000 to 20,000sqm bracket. A large hydraulically emptied hopper means you can do a lot of sweeping between empties.

Ride On Comfort

This ride on sweeper is all about working long and hard. Operator comfort is therefore important at it effects productivity. Mille has an adjustable seat and steering wheel so the operator can get just the right driving position. The seat is comfortable and supportive and offers the driver a great view of the operating area. All controls are logically arranged and fall easily to hand so operators can feel at home and be confident straight away.

Sweeping Performance

This sweeper has an up-and-over sweeping system. This means that the main brush sweeps against the direction of travel flinging the dirt and debris it collects over the top of the main brush into a rear mounted hopper. Twin rear mounted fans drag air over the side brushes and main brush, this collects any dust and deposits it in the rear hopper. Using this system means that Mille does not create dust as it works.