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Ride-on Scrubber Dryer Tera

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Ride-on Scrubber Dryer Tera

ride-on sweeperspacerThe ride-on scrubber dryer for large areas is our Tera. Big, powerful and tough you can see the Tera is a scrubber dryer built to work long and hard. Giving the operator a totally unobstructed view of the work area it will clean retail parks, factory floors and car parks quickly and efficiently.

Easy to Use

This ride-on scrubber dryer is a cinch to use. The comfortable seat is adjustable as is the steering wheel meaning you can get the perfect driving position and concentrate on cleaning. All the controls fall easily to hand, speed is automatically reduced if the Tera is asked to turn and the brakes are hydraulic. All familiar and safe as well as confidence inspiring.

Eco Cleaning

Tera is a eco friendly machine with adjustable working modes to minimise energy consumption, water useage and noise. If the floor only needs a light clean the brush pressure and water flow can be reduced to extend the cleaning range and reduce costs. Heavy duty cleaning of badly soiled areas can be done using these light settings but cleaning will take longer. Whatever your situation Tera will respond.

Cleaning and Drying Floors

A scrubber dryer that washes floors must be equally efficient at drying them so that it leaves floors not only clean but safe. Tera has three brush options offering cleaning widths from 1110 to 1300mm. There are also disc or rotating brush options. Brush pressure can be varied on all models from the cab. To dry the floor it has a full width squeegee which ossilates. This is connected to a powerful vacuum system that sucks up the cleanig water as the vehicle moves.

It’s Eco-friendly and allows to set customized working programs. Three possible versions: cleaning width from 1100 to 1300 mm with disk or rolling brushes. The 280 liter water tank and the 36V-525Ah allow a great working autonomy. Big wheels and sturdy construction makes the machine able to work in the heaviest duties conditions. The sweeping device (optional) allows to sweep also small debris and clean perfectly at once.

A complete set of accessories enables to customize the TERA: big choice of brushes, driving disks and pads, rolling brush unit, rear sweeping device, water spraying device on both right side brushes, batteries and battery charger. RCM is able to implement customized accessories according to the different customer requests.