Hard Floor Sweepers

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Hard Floor Sweepers

Hard floor sweepers are machines that keep factory floors, warehouse floors, pavements and roadways clean. The term hard floor means that they work best on sealed and solid floors as opposed to loose or soft surfaces.

Hard Floor Sweeping

Outside of the domestic or home office application, hard surface sweeping refers to the sweeping of large areas using machines, such as our walk behind and ride-on sweepers.

Industrial Hard Floor Cleaning

Factories and offices are kept clean and invariably machines are used. Sweeping machines collect dirt and debris very efficiently working many times faster than a man with a broom and produce little or no dust in the process. For example a factory producing wood furniture is an ideal application, hard floor, sawdust and wood shavings to be collected, simple.

Retail Hard Floor Cleaning

When you move into the retail industry factors change. A retail store or warehouse may contain liquid products which in most cases dictate scrubber dryers rather than sweepers. A sweeper cannot work with wet and sticky floors. However shopping centres do introduce car parks, roadways and pavements into the cleaning mix. Again sweepers are great for these applications and are widely used. Recently some retail parks have introduced block paving in their pedestrian areas and this brings us to another important point.

Sweeping Block Paving

Block paving is a hard suface, but between the blocks is loose sand that we do not want to collect. This is where a sweeper such as our Brava walk-behind is so good. This machine uses rotating brushes to collect dirt and debris, so when sweeping our block paving it sweeps the surafces of the blocks. It does not sweep the sand out of the joints and as there is no vacuum used in the sweeping process, the sand stays put.

Not Vacuum Sweepers

Our sweepers have fans and filters but do not use these to produce a vacumm but to manage airflow. Air flows from the front of the sweeper, being sucked in from the area around the front or side brushes, then passes over the main brush and out to the atmosphere via the dust filters. This means any dust raised by the sweeping process is controlled and contained.

We produce over thirty different floor sweepers divided between walk-behind and ride-on machines.

To choose the right model for your application the size of your cleaning task will dictate the size of the machine you need.

Alternatively contact us and we will advise you of the best machine for your application, put it on a transporter and show you how it will clean your premises!

hard floor in wood products factory being swept by a walk-behind sweeper
A walk-behind sweeper working in a wood products factory. An ideal application showing how a hard floor is cleaned without producing any dust.
alfa hard hard floor sweeper showing brushes working
This view of a walk-behind sweeper from the front showing how the side brush pushes dirt and debris in front of the main brush which in turn throws it all into the rear hopper.
cut-away drawing of a hard floor sweeper showing how major components are arranged
This drawing shows how the major components of a ride-on hard floor sweeper are arranged. Notice how the air, illustrated by the purple arrow, is directed around and over the brushes collecting any dust that is raised. 1. Side Brush 2. Airflow 3. Main Brush 4. Rear Hopper 5. Air Filters 6. Fan 7. Filter Shaker 8. Front Dust Shroud