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Factory Sweepers and Scrubber Dryers

Factory cleaning is important because it affects staff moral, customer perceptions and is a legal requirement within the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) 1974. The good news is that keeping your factory floor clean is pretty easy and will pay for itself many times over.

Factory Floor Cleaning

Over time any factory floor will become dirty, particularly in high traffic areas. In addition spillages of liquids will ingrain the dirt and the floor will deteriorate if left untreated. Regular sweeping with an industrial sweeper such as a slalom ride-on sweeper with remove dirt and debris, however to deep clean the floor and remove stains use a scrubber dryer like our Mega walk-behind machine.

Not Vacuum Sweepers

Our sweepers have fans and filters but do not use these to produce a vacuum but to manage airflow. Air flows from the front of the sweeper, being sucked in from the area around the front or side brushes, then passes over the main brush and out to the atmosphere via the dust filters. This means any dust raised by the sweeping process is controlled and contained.

We produce over thirty different floor sweepers and scrubber dryers divided between walk-behind and ride-on machines.

To choose the right model for your application the size of your cleaning task will dictate the size of the machine you need.

Alternatively contact us and we will advise you of the best machine for your application, put it on a transporter and show you how it will clean your premises!

factory floor being cleaned by our alfa walk-behind sweeper
Cleaning a factory floor covered in dust and debris is easily done by an industrial sweeper. In this picture is a walk-behind sweeper working in a wooden products factory.
Scrubber dryer working in a food factory
Factory floors in the food industry are often wet and require hygienic deep cleaning. This is where a scrubber dryer is the best tool, here a walk behind scrubber dryer is working in a wine processing factory.
ride-on scrubber dryer working in an engineering factory
Engineering factory floors often have deposits of swarf and metal filings, cutting oils and grease. Sweeping such floors has limited success. Here a ride-on scrubber dryer is producing a great result scrubbing the floor and collecting the waste water to leave it clean and dry.